Subscription Accounting Services

If you want to focus on your business, as you save the commitments and concerns regarding your relationship with the tax and social security departments, the decision is a contract for subscription accounting services.

Most of our customers that have concluded such contract don't even know where these institutions are located.


Subscription accounting services package includes:

  • Accounting

  • Personnel and payroll

  • Taxes

  • Annual closure

  • Taking supplementary accounting documents directly from the office (facility) of the customer or sending by electronic means.



  • Preparation of accounting policy of the company and the elaboration of individual accounting plan;

  • Acceptance, review, classification, handling and accounting of supplementary accounting documents;

  • Processing and accounting of supplementary documents by a specialized accounting and business software;

  • Issuing invoices on behalf of the client;

  • Company registration for VAT;

  • Creating secondary account documents and registers, in accordance with the law in force;

  • Processing of cash and bank settlements;

  • Elaboration of periodic reports for receivables and payables;

  • Classification of fixed assets of the company and elaboration of accounting and tax amortisation plan calculating the depreciation cost;

  • Accounting of the costs of salaries, social security contributions and taxes;

  • Monthly preparation of sales and purchase journals and reference-declarations under VAT and filing by electronic means;

  • Reporting and monitoring of inventory;

  • Advice on accounting issues;

  • Preparation of monthly and annual turnover forms;

  • Elaboration of annual accounts;

  • Preparation of necessary documents and reports for carried out inspections and audits;


Personnel and payroll

  • Preparation of employment agreements, additional agreements, orders for absences, suspensions, and termination of employment relationships;

  • Registration of conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts by electronic means at the National Revenue Agency (NRA);

  • Elaboration of payrolls and pay slips, contributions and tax statements, information for insured persons, information about outstanding contributions as well as their submission by electronic means to NRA;

  • Calculation of fees payable to persons employed in non-labour relations;

  • Creation of payment orders for the liabilities to the budget;

  • Reception and processing of hospital sheets, creation of inventories and accompanying letters for National Social Security Institute (NSSI);

  • Issuing certificates for retirement and income;

  • Issue and validation of record of services;

  • Consulting on labour law and social insurance cases.



  • Determining the amount of tax payable on the current tax laws;

  • Preparation and filing of tax returns, VAT journals, protocols, VIES declarations;

  • Compiling and accounting of payment documents for payments to the budget;

  • The completion and filing of tax returns;

  • Tax defence, advice and representation.


Annual closure

  • Creating and sending by electronic means the annual financial statement with all the necessary attachments;

  • Preparation of annual report on the activities of the National Statistics Institute (NSI) and the NRA and its filing by electronic means;

  • Preparation of annual tax return and filing it by electronic means to the NRA;

  • The submission of annual reports to the relevant authorities: NRA, NSI, Commercial Register, Ministry of Justice, etc.